Country: Spain

The Power and the Fury

Enrique is in prison in Barcelona, serving a sentence for beating up his wife. In 2005, reports of domestic violence cases in Spain increased by 20 percent. ‘The Power and the Fury’ investigates what motivates men to resort to violence

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Europe, From Rhetoric to Reality

Legal Aliens

Thousands of immigrants enter Spain illegally every year – most from North Africa or the Middle East. But Spain also suffers acute shortages of agricultural workers to harvest its lucrative export crops. Now, as part of an imaginative new scheme

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Europe, Real to Reel

Hitting the Bottom

Room-mates Marta and Mar share a tiny apartment with two others in Barcelona, and regularly rummage through waste bins in the back streets to find food and clothing. They’re typical of the ‘new poverty’ affecting young people in the Spanish

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Europe, Why Women Count

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