Country: South Africa

Workers on the Line

South Africa’s Eastern Cape region was once home to a thriving textile industry. But globalisation has hit the industry hard, with over 100,000 textile workers, mainly poor, black women, laid off in the past five years – among them Rochelle

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Breast Formula

Proposed new legislation on baby food formula sales in South Africa will mean the South African health services can no longer promote, or provide information on, breast milk substitutes. But what are the implications for mothers who can’t breast feed

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No Safe Place

No Safe Place exposes the contradictions and sexism in a South African judicial system that protects the rights of violent criminals at the expense of their victims.

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Finding Grace

Seventy four year-old Ma Grace Masuku is a community health worker with a mission. She works with young women in South Africa’s rural areas, passing on the traditional knowledge she learned from her grandmother to encourage entrepreneurship and self respect.

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