Country: Nigeria

The Lady Mechanic’s Initiative

Motor mechanic Sandra Aguebor is teaching disadvantaged young women the skills of her trade – and the new women car mechanics are gaining the respect of the community. One elder in the community, King Bamidele Oladigbolu says ‘Women mechanics in

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Against All Odds

In Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, only 3% of Members of Parliament are women. Despite these formidable odds two influential Nigerian women are setting an example and calling for change.

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Cash Madam

The formidable women traders who run million dollar business in the bustling street markets of Nigeria’s capital Lagos – and drive Mercedes Benz limousines – are affectionately known as Cash Madam or Mama Benz. But now they want official government

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Love of Indigo

Nike Okundaye is an internationally renowned artist specialising in adire, the traditional Yoruba indigo art from western Nigeria. She attributes her strength and success to her own early life – losing her mother at six, escaping forced marriage at 13,

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