Country: Mexico

A Silence to be Broken

Lured to Mexico City by the promise of work, Juanita was just 14 when she found herself trapped into prostitution. By intercutting her story with interviews with government and NGO professionals discussing why the police are so ineffectual, this film

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Latin America and the Caribbean, Snapshots of Change

Women and Work

Mexican women from all walks of life talk about their working lives – their dreams, expectations and, the often very different, reality.

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From Rhetoric to Reality, Latin America and the Caribbean

Lydia Cacho

In December 2005 Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho was arrested by four armed police-men for ‘investigation’ into the allegations of child exploitation she had made against high profile individuals in Mexico’s political establishment. Lydia’s book ‘The Demons of Eden’ was an

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Latin America and the Caribbean, Why Women Count

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