Country: Lithuania

As it is in Heaven, so be it on Earth

In a live radio broadcast, a priest, a gender specialist academic and a theologian probe the thorny question of why the Catholic Church’s ideas about Christianity is still dictated by men, with little understanding or consideration of the role of

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Europe, Snapshots of Change

Illegal Birth

New legislation outlawing home births in Lithuania means that midwives like Jurga, who want to give women the choice of whether to deliver their babies at home or in hospital, are forced to operate illegally. Lithuanian mothers Ana Marija and

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Europe, Real to Reel

Trafficking of Women

Virginijia’s story, of accepting work in Germany only to find herself sold to a Tel Aviv brothel, bears testimony to the other young women, over 500,000 of them, who are trafficked through Europe each year.

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Europe, From Rhetoric to Reality

Girls don’t Cry

Aiste Paskauskaite was shocked when her boyfriend broke off their relationship after she told him she was a feminist. Feminism in Lithuania today is seen as outdated, aggressive, man-hating. “If we look at the kind of feminine image advocated in

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Europe, Why Women Count

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