Country: Latvia

In theory, Latvia enjoys equality between the sexes. In practice, until recently, gender roles were more traditional: men were the breadwinners, women the homemakers. But Ainars, is part of a new group of men who are happy to swap roles

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Europe, Snapshots of Change

Learning about Sex

Surveys in Latvia, one of the newest members of the European Union, show that young people are having sex earlier than their parents did, and that a fifth of all women aged 15-25 have had abortions. Diana’s part of Papardes

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Europe, Real to Reel

Born to be in Business

Vija Ancane runs her own bakery, shop and bread Museum business in the quiet rural village of Aglona, south of Latvia’s capital Riga. It’s one of 300 small and medium sized businesses to benefit from a new loan scheme started

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Europe, Why Women Count

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