Country: Kenya

Positive Results

Elly is HIV positive: his wife Jane is not. But knowing the risks of contracting HIV in Kenya, Jane encouraged Elly to check his HIV status early on in their marriage, and together they took the necessary steps to stay

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Africa and the Middle East, Snapshots of Change

The Right to Choose

‘Wife inheritance’ is an age-old custom in western Kenya – the practice of another man taking on the role of husband to a newly widowed woman was originally intended to provide security for her and her family. But today there’s

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Africa and the Middle East, Real to Reel

The Power of her Voice

Njoki Ndung’u is one of just 18 women MPs who sit on Kenya’s 222 strong, male-dominated National Assembly. In 2006 she made history when she won approval for a new Sexual Offences Law in Kenya, finally outlawing violence against women.

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Africa and the Middle East, Why Women Count

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