Country: Japan

Single Life

Haruka is typical of many urban Japanese women in their thirties. She’s single, financially independent, and she won’t compromise with what she wants out of marriage. By contrast, Japanese men appear confused, and are now trying to find out what

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Snapshots of Change, South East Asia and the Pacific

Reversing the Decline

Japan has the fastest growing ageing population in the world. It’s also experienced a sharp decline in the birth rate, exacerbated by the lack of child care facilities. Entrepreneur Atsuko Sato saw an opportunity to do something to tackle both

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Real to Reel, South East Asia and the Pacific

Women Ecologists: Living in Harmony with Nature

Nagano was pessimistic about the future of human kind and unwilling to have any children, until one-day she met a woman in the Mountains. Now the mother of a five-year old boy the two women meet again to talk about their lives.

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From Rhetoric to Reality, South East Asia and the Pacific

A Ticket to Japan

Virgie Ishihara used to be a hostess in a Tokyo nightclub. Like many others, she took advantage of the Japanese government’s offer to grant ‘entertainment visas’ to Filipino women wanting to work as professional singers and dancers in Japan. In

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South East Asia and the Pacific, Why Women Count

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