Country: Italy

Pina’s War

Forget bag ladies, druggies and beggars: squatters in Italy are increasingly middle class families driven to desperate moves by the soaring increases in rents in the last two years. One woman, Pina, is leading a brave – but illegal –

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Europe, Snapshots of Change

Loved to Death

Seven out of every 10 women murdered in Italy each year are killed by their husbands or partners – whether current or ex. So why does the Italian ‘collective conscience’ react in such a passive, lukewarm fashion to the murders

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Europe, Real to Reel


A contemporary re-telling of the Cinderella story reveals the fairy tale stereotypes are flourishing in the media.

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Europe, From Rhetoric to Reality


Rosa Carlucci and her two teenage sons fled their home in the south of Italy to escape her abusive ex-husband and seek protection from the social services in the northern town of Turin. But they refused to believe her, and

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Europe, Why Women Count

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