Country: Fiji

We can Change

Five thousand Fijians are thought to be infected with HIV, but there is still a strong taboo against speaking about sex, or sexually transmitted diseases, in Fiji. But Apikali braved the shame to tell islanders how she and her husband

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Snapshots of Change, South East Asia and the Pacific

Reef Guardians

On the Pacific island of Suva, local women are playing a key role in the ecological regeneration of their island’s degraded coral reefs – resources that are vital for tourism and the economy. Broadcaster: Fiji TV – Producer/Director: Marie Koroi

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Real to Reel, South East Asia and the Pacific

Women in Non-Traditional Careers

Profiles Fijian women who are pioneers in their field, who challenge traditional roles for women and raise the expectations of the next generation of female engineers, lawyers, farmers and politicians.

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From Rhetoric to Reality, South East Asia and the Pacific

Determined Women

Anshu Mala and her daughters make mango chutney for a living. Vijay Latchmi’s tamarind chutney and pickle recipes have proved a hit with local shoppers and exporters alike. In the rural, cane-growing region of Fiji where Anshy and Vijay live,

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South East Asia and the Pacific, Why Women Count

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