Country: Czech Republic

Women in Power

In the Czech Moravian highlands, Ivana led an all women’s party to contest traditionally male dominated seats in the local town election. Despite early ridicule, the women won. Now, as Deputy Mayor, Ivana is now channelling funds in new directions,

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Europe, Snapshots of Change

Children Don’t Get in the Way

Olga Girstlová, is the general manager of GiTY telecommunications company, and mother of four. She’s one of the most successful woman managers and entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic today – and one of the very few women to occupy such

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Europe, Real to Reel

Bad Dreams

“I want to work abroad” say Czech teenagers. Atmospheric dramatisations show what happened to other girls who followed that dream, only to find themselves sold into the sex industry, far away from home.

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Europe, From Rhetoric to Reality

Choosing Life

Lawyer Marie Vodickova already looks after eight adopted children. Now she’s started a network of 20 ‘safe houses’ across the Czech Republic catering for poor and disadvantaged mothers – evicted from their homes, or escaping violent relationships – who might

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Europe, Why Women Count

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