Country: Brazil


One in four babies are born to teenagers every year in Brazil. Many young mothers face an uncertain future of poverty, ignorance and an often volatile family life. A Nineteen year old Indaia once lived on the street, pregnant and

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Latin America and the Caribbean, Snapshots of Change

Women Today

Brazilian women today are moving away from their traditional role as wife and mother to forge their own careers – and financial independence. In Sao Paulo, the third largest city in the world, three women – Flavia, Elizabeth and Rosa

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Latin America and the Caribbean, Real to Reel

The Thin Line

A portrait of a day in the life of Gabriela, a paper gatherer on the streets of Sao Paolo for 20 years, exposes the stark contrast between the Sao Paulo rich and poor.

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From Rhetoric to Reality, Latin America and the Caribbean

House of Dreams

Dagmar Garroux runs the ‘Casa do Zezinho’ educational centre for poor children in the south of Brazil’s biggest city, Sao Paulo – an area the UN once categorized as the most dangerous place on earth. Generations of children born in

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Latin America and the Caribbean, Why Women Count

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