Country: Bolivia

Weaving the Future

Excluded from the mainstream, indigenous women in Bolivia have less access to education than their Spanish-speaking peers. This is the story of how Quechan Jesusa Flores – poor and uneducated, but rich in cultural knowledge – taught herself to read

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Latin America and the Caribbean, Snapshots of Change

As Women We Can Do It

Sorata Crafts is a group of indigenous women with little formal education who have joined forces to become entrepreneurs producing naturally dyed woollen products. They weave their environmental knowledge and beliefs into their produce, telling the stories of their lives

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Latin America and the Caribbean, Real to Reel

Protagonists of the New History

Casimira Rodriguez is an indigenous Quechua woman, a human rights activist – and now the Minister of Justice in the new government headed by President Evo Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president. And she’s not alone: Bolivia has three women ministers,

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Latin America and the Caribbean, Why Women Count

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