Country: Austria

Hard Times

As part of the Austrian women’s movement in the 1970s, former government minister Johanna Dohnal campaigned for better child care facilities for working women. Now 65, she describes how women’s rights in Austria have actually been eroded– in particular with

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Europe, Real to Reel

The Feminine Side of Television

Ten years ago it would have been unthinkable to find a women journalist as Head of Programmes, at ORF, Austrian Television. Now this has happened, but is that enough?

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Europe, From Rhetoric to Reality

Mama Bock

A former social worker, Ute Bock enjoys almost cult status in Austria. She isn’t rich, she’s no supermodel, and she doesn’t have her own TV show. But through the ‘Verein Ute Bock’ charity she founded in 2002, she’s become a

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Europe, Why Women Count

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