Country: Afghanistan

A Bad Practice

Intercutting dramatisation with interviews, this film explores the illegal but wide-spread practice of BAD in Afghanistan, which allows a murderer’s family to ‘give’ away one of their daughters in marriage to a member of the victim’s family to atone for

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Snapshots of Change, South Asia


Following the end of the war and the harsh Taliban regime, thousands of Afghani women and children refugees are returning home each month. Most head for the war-torn capital Kabul. But the city’s tripled in size, and there aren’t enough

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CIS, Central and East Asia, Real to Reel


Twenty seven year old Afghan MP Malalai Joya is already a legend in her lifetime. A former refugee in Pakistan, she became a health worker and political activist on her return to Afghanistan. In 2003 she made headlines when she

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CIS, Central and East Asia, Why Women Count

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