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Determined Women

Anshu Mala and her daughters make mango chutney for a living. Vijay Latchmi’s tamarind chutney and pickle recipes have proved a hit with local shoppers and exporters alike. In the rural, cane-growing region of Fiji where Anshy and Vijay live,

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Why Women Count, Fiji

The Mother’s Voice

Deanie Mulu was brought up in a family where poverty, violence and abuse were the norm. Attracted to abusive men like her father, she became pregnant in her teens. After the children’s father left, Deanie began neglecting them herself and

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Why Women Count, New Zealand

A Ticket to Japan

Virgie Ishihara used to be a hostess in a Tokyo nightclub. Like many others, she took advantage of the Japanese government’s offer to grant ‘entertainment visas’ to Filipino women wanting to work as professional singers and dancers in Japan. In

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Why Women Count, Japan

In Conflict and In Peace

In 2000 Samira Usman, her husband and four children were forced to flee their home in Mindanao, in the south of the Philippines, after war was declared between the Filipino government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, fuelled by religious

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Why Women Count, the Philippines

My Missing Husband

Angkana Neelapaijit’s husband Somchai is a leading human rights lawyer who had exposed police abuse and torture and called for the end of Martial Law in Thailand’s southernmost provinces which has resulted in thousands of ‘disappearances’ and over 1,300 deaths.

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Why Women Count, Thailand

Standing in the Grey Zone

Dr. Nurdiati Akma is one of thousands of Indonesian women campaigning for a new law restricting access to pornography, by children and young people in particular. Indonesia has the widest distribution of child pornography of any country in the world,

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Why Women Count, Indonesia


Twenty seven year old Afghan MP Malalai Joya is already a legend in her lifetime. A former refugee in Pakistan, she became a health worker and political activist on her return to Afghanistan. In 2003 she made headlines when she

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Why Women Count, Afghanistan

Long Way to Go…

Shukla Rani and her neighbour Nobendu Mollik fell in love in their teens, and were secretly married in 2004. But Nobendu’s family refused to accept the marriage, and Nobendu, frightened of being disinherited, ran away and abandoned Shukla at her

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Why Women Count, Bangladesh

Lily counts!

Lily Thapa was a widow in her early thirties when she first came face-to-face with the brutality traditionally meted out to widows in Nepal. “The first people to treat me as an outcast were my own family,” she says. “There

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Why Women Count, Nepal

Queens of the Grassroots

Harjeet Kaur, Jaswinder Kaur and Mahender Pal Kaur have each been elected to serve for five year as ‘sarpanch’ or head of their village councils in the Indian state of Punjab. In 1992 an amendment to India’s constitution mandated that

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Why Women Count, India