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We can Change

Five thousand Fijians are thought to be infected with HIV, but there is still a strong taboo against speaking about sex, or sexually transmitted diseases, in Fiji. But Apikali braved the shame to tell islanders how she and her husband

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South East Asia and the Pacific, Fiji

My Baby Brings Me Bucks

Unable to find work, many migrants from rural Indonesia end up begging on the streets of Jakarta to survive. Women are particularly vulnerable and often resort to using their babies to attract more donations – unaware of the potential damage

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South East Asia and the Pacific, Indonesia

Amazing Grace

Grace Padaca, accountant turned broadcaster, succeeded in toppling a 40 year old family dynasty to become the first female Governor of Isabela province – without the backing of money, or a mainstream Filipino political party. She brings a very different

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South East Asia and the Pacific, the Philippines

Single Life

Haruka is typical of many urban Japanese women in their thirties. She’s single, financially independent, and she won’t compromise with what she wants out of marriage. By contrast, Japanese men appear confused, and are now trying to find out what

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South East Asia and the Pacific, Japan

Weaving the Future

Excluded from the mainstream, indigenous women in Bolivia have less access to education than their Spanish-speaking peers. This is the story of how Quechan Jesusa Flores – poor and uneducated, but rich in cultural knowledge – taught herself to read

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Snapshots of Change, Bolivia


One in four babies are born to teenagers every year in Brazil. Many young mothers face an uncertain future of poverty, ignorance and an often volatile family life. A Nineteen year old Indaia once lived on the street, pregnant and

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Snapshots of Change, Brazil

Carmen the Music Teacher

Carmen Rosa, mother of two and a professional musician, teaches gifted children choral singing in Havana. She says she couldn’t have succeeded without the support of women neighbours and friends – this vital informal network of Cuban women is the

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Snapshots of Change, Cuba

A Silence to be Broken

Lured to Mexico City by the promise of work, Juanita was just 14 when she found herself trapped into prostitution. By intercutting her story with interviews with government and NGO professionals discussing why the police are so ineffectual, this film

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Snapshots of Change, Mexico

2 Sides of the Coin

Child sex abuse is increasing in Trinidad and Tobago. 2 Sides of the Coin shows that girls are often not valued within families, leading to a vicious cycle of abuse and vulnerability in their adult lives. But now teenagers have

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Snapshots of Change, Trinidad and Tobago

Mending Broken Pieces

In Jamaica, 12 percent of 15 to 19 year olds have had two or three pregnancies. As young mothers, often forced to abandon hopes of an education, their future prospects are bleak. But one organisation has provided an important lifeline,

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Snapshots of Change, Jamaica