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Women from Near and Far

Fatima Rhazi founded Femmes d’Ici et d’Ailleurs, an association providing support for homeless and immigrant women who arrive in France with no jobs and nowhere to go. By using practical skills like cooking they’ve learned at home – and so

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Real to Reel, France

Sand in my Nostrils

In India today there are millions of missing girls, with official statistics showing just 90 girls born for every 100 boys. One reason for the fall in the number of girl children is the spread of ultra sound technology, now

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South Asia, India


Following the end of the war and the harsh Taliban regime, thousands of Afghani women and children refugees are returning home each month. Most head for the war-torn capital Kabul. But the city’s tripled in size, and there aren’t enough

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Real to Reel, Afghanistan

Reef Guardians

On the Pacific island of Suva, local women are playing a key role in the ecological regeneration of their island’s degraded coral reefs – resources that are vital for tourism and the economy. Broadcaster: Fiji TV – Producer/Director: Marie Koroi

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South East Asia and the Pacific, Fiji

Learning about Sex

Surveys in Latvia, one of the newest members of the European Union, show that young people are having sex earlier than their parents did, and that a fifth of all women aged 15-25 have had abortions. Diana’s part of Papardes

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Real to Reel, Latvia

As Women We Can Do It

Sorata Crafts is a group of indigenous women with little formal education who have joined forces to become entrepreneurs producing naturally dyed woollen products. They weave their environmental knowledge and beliefs into their produce, telling the stories of their lives

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Real to Reel, Bolivia

Loved to Death

Seven out of every 10 women murdered in Italy each year are killed by their husbands or partners – whether current or ex. So why does the Italian ‘collective conscience’ react in such a passive, lukewarm fashion to the murders

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Real to Reel, Italy

The Right to Choose

‘Wife inheritance’ is an age-old custom in western Kenya – the practice of another man taking on the role of husband to a newly widowed woman was originally intended to provide security for her and her family. But today there’s

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Real to Reel, Kenya

Girls, Boys and Babies

New Zealand has the second highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the industrialized world. Now it’s joining with other OECD countries to set up special schools that can help young parents continue their schooling, as well as providing their children

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South East Asia and the Pacific, New Zealand

Reversing the Decline

Japan has the fastest growing ageing population in the world. It’s also experienced a sharp decline in the birth rate, exacerbated by the lack of child care facilities. Entrepreneur Atsuko Sato saw an opportunity to do something to tackle both

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South East Asia and the Pacific, Japan