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Workers on the Line

South Africa’s Eastern Cape region was once home to a thriving textile industry. But globalisation has hit the industry hard, with over 100,000 textile workers, mainly poor, black women, laid off in the past five years – among them Rochelle

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Snapshots of Change, South Africa

Life Promises

In this powerful drama, Angie can’t afford to attend the ante-natal clinic – and she loses her baby in labour. She’s not alone: Zimbabwe’s infant mortality rates have soared because of its failure to invest in the health service. Angie’s

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Snapshots of Change, Zimbabwe

Positive Results

Elly is HIV positive: his wife Jane is not. But knowing the risks of contracting HIV in Kenya, Jane encouraged Elly to check his HIV status early on in their marriage, and together they took the necessary steps to stay

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Snapshots of Change, Kenya

Honour and Shame

Kalud is the first woman butcher in Jordan – a job traditionally regarded as shameful and out of bounds for women. But across Jordan, a new generation of young women like Kalud are now challenging tradition and fighting for their

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Snapshots of Change, Jordan

The Lady Mechanic’s Initiative

Motor mechanic Sandra Aguebor is teaching disadvantaged young women the skills of her trade – and the new women car mechanics are gaining the respect of the community. One elder in the community, King Bamidele Oladigbolu says ‘Women mechanics in

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Snapshots of Change, Nigeria

The Sky is the Limit

Before the civil war in Sierra Leone, only one in four girls attended school: today, it’s one in two. During the fighting Fatima Kainesse was captured by rebels and used for sex. She escaped to Freetown and returned to school

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Snapshots of Change, Sierra Leone

The Right to Choose

‘Wife inheritance’ is an age-old custom in western Kenya – the practice of another man taking on the role of husband to a newly widowed woman was originally intended to provide security for her and her family. But today there’s

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Real to Reel, Kenya

Breast Formula

Proposed new legislation on baby food formula sales in South Africa will mean the South African health services can no longer promote, or provide information on, breast milk substitutes. But what are the implications for mothers who can’t breast feed

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Real to Reel, South Africa

Moroccan Women break their Silence

In a society that practices polygamy, where divorce doesn’t need a woman’s consent, and where 70% of women are illiterate Moroccan women are speaking out to challenge the status quo.

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From Rhetoric to Reality, Morocco

A Break with Tradition

A picture of the remarkable solidarity between men and women, religious leaders and the faithful, in changing attitudes to FGM (female genital mutilation) in Senegal.

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From Rhetoric to Reality, Senegal

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