Women of Krusha

Europe, Why Women Count

kosovoNineteen year old Ardiana Shehu has worked on her family’s farm in the village of Krusha e Vogel, in south west Kosovo, since she was 12. Ardiana, her mother and sisters do all the farm jobs usually regarded as man’s work – driving tractors, ploughing, crop picking. But the Shehu family’s situation is not unusual. Almost 70 per cent of Krusha’s male population is still missing – taken away during the 1999 Serbian military offensive in Kosovo when over 100 men aged from 13 to 80 were executed, and the women and children expelled from the village. Today, with training and support, Krusha’s women are courageously rebuilding their lives.

Produced/Directed: Birol Urcan

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Women of Krusha
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