Women Ecologists: Living in Harmony with Nature

From Rhetoric to Reality, South East Asia and the Pacific

Yukino Nagano is in her forties, the leader of an environmental group, Eco-Mama Net, a video journalist, theatre director, and mother of a five year old boy. She lived in the city for many years and was pessimistic about the future of humankind and unwilling to have any children. After meeting with another woman in the mountains, who has experienced five natural child births and practices organic farming, she decided to have a child. The two women meet again, and while they fast, they discuss what supports Nagano’s activities, what made her decide to have a child, and how she prioritises issues in her life.

Production Company: TVE Japan<
Producer: Junko Tanaka
Director: Miyako Takeuchi
Producers: Takashi Kagami, Sukichi Koizumi

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Women Ecologists: Living in Harmony with Nature
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