Vaastav: The Reality

From Rhetoric to Reality, South Asia

Film-maker Vinta Nanda’s odyssey across India, uncovering the “bizarre realities” of women’s lives across the country. Her journey is punctuated by letters to her mother, reflecting on what she’s seen and where she fits into the picture of womanhood she is drawing. She finds gender inequality in marriage, faith, health and the home. A low caste mother is tortured and burnt alive because her son courts a high caste girl. A young couple, married across religious lines, are on the run from her furious family. In Dhaulpur the birth records show that no girl children have been born for 15 years. Where have these girls gone and where do women go from here?

Production Company: Project SMITA
Director: Vinta Nanda
Credits: Director: Vinta Nanda
Producer: Raman Kumar

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Vaastav: The Reality
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