Trafficking of Women

Europe, From Rhetoric to Reality

When Virginijia left school she was offered a job in Germany. Orphaned and facing economic hardship in Lithuania’s struggling economy she seized the opportunity. But Virginijia found herself imprisoned in Tel Aviv, sold to a brothel, as a prostitute, for 10,000 dollars. Despite Lithuanian laws to punish traffickers, so far no-one has been charged under the legislation. Virginijia’s story bears testimony to the other young women, over 500,000 of them, who are trafficked through Europe each year. The 32 part series, ‘From Rhetoric to Reality’, is available on five tapes. Tape 2 includes ‘Trafficking of Women’ and can be bought separately.

Broadcaster: RTV
Producer: Vida Matuzeviciute
Director: Valdas Barbaliauskas

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Trafficking of Women
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