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Europe, Why Women Count

bosniaIn 2005 young Bosnian film director Jasmila Zbanic produced ‘Grbavica’, a powerful drama about the relationship between a raped woman Esma, and her teenage daughter Sara, who after 14 years silence finds out that she is the product of her mother’s rape. Between 20,000- 50,000 women were raped in the war in Bosnia & Herzegovina from 1992-’95: there are no exact statistics as many women were too afraid of being stigmatized and shunned by their neighbours to speak out. Now the release of ‘Grbavica’ has helped banish the taboos and prejudice, and empowered rape victims to campaign for official recognition as ‘victims of war’.

Production: Public Broadcasting Service of Bosnia-Herzegovina (Bosnian only)

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Speaking Out
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