My Missing Husband

South East Asia and the Pacific, Why Women Count

thailand5Angkana Neelapaijit’s husband Somchai is a leading human rights lawyer who had exposed police abuse and torture and called for the end of Martial Law in Thailand’s southernmost provinces which has resulted in thousands of ‘disappearances’ and over 1,300 deaths. On March 12 2004 Somchai was himself abducted. The perpetrators were later found to be police officers. Angkhana has campaigned relentlessly since for the state to be held accountable. “When there is violence, the impact is on the women and children,” she says. “They don’t really stand up for their rights as just trying to make sure the family has enough to eat is difficult enough. But, if women don’t fight for their rights, I don’t know who will do it for them.”

Production: National Channel (Thai only)

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My Missing Husband
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