Lydia Cacho

Latin America and the Caribbean, Why Women Count

mexico3In December 2005 Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho was arrested by four armed police-men for ‘investigation’ into the allegations of child exploitation she had made against high profile individuals in Mexico’s political establishment. Lydia’s book ‘The Demons of Eden’ was an unflinching expose of a crime ring involved, she alleged, in the sexual abuse of children in Mexico. And it wasn’t the first time that Lydia had taken on Mexico’s labyrinthine, male-dominated legal system to seek justice for female victims of violence and abuse. “There’s a glass ceiling where empowerment hasn’t got to yet,” says Mexican Special Prosecutor Alicia Pérez Duarte. “There are areas where we have been able to establish ourselves, to make decisions, to exercise our rights and to demand them… but we still have a long way to go.”

Production: Once TV (Spanish only)

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Lydia Cacho
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