Looking at Ourselves from Within

From Rhetoric to Reality, Latin America and the Caribbean

Teenagers talk on the streets of Cayo Hueso, a middle class neighbourhood in Havana, about the legendary machismo of Latin American societies. It still exists and girls and boys learn traditional roles, but there is a re-freshing change in attitudes. In the playground, “Girls taught me to play with the hoop and the jacks. We taught them to play baseball and marbles” and for the future “I think it is something that the new generations, the boys and girls of today, that will be the men and women of tomorrow, tomorrow’s population, will have to act on to change”.

Broadcaster: Insitituto Cubano de Radio y TV
Producer/Director: Tania Teresa Licea Jimenez
Director: Angel Gonzalez Gonzalez, Tania Licea Jimenez
Producer: Ruben Vazquez

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Looking at Ourselves from Within
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