Long Way to Go…

CIS, Central and East Asia, Why Women Count

shukla1Shukla Rani and her neighbour Nobendu Mollik fell in love in their teens, and were secretly married in 2004. But Nobendu’s family refused to accept the marriage, and Nobendu, frightened of being disinherited, ran away and abandoned Shukla at her in-laws’ home. Shortly afterwards, Shukla was attacked by her brother-in-law and another man, wearing masks, who threw acid over her. Today Shukla is fighting her case through the courts, determined that her husband will not go unpunished. “This should not happen in any girl’s life,” she says. “I want to efface my identity as ‘acid-scarred Shukla’ because I have a long way to go.”

Production: Banglavision-Shamol Bangla Media Ltd
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Long Way to Go…
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