In Conflict and In Peace

South East Asia and the Pacific, Why Women Count

philp3In 2000 Samira Usman, her husband and four children were forced to flee their home in Mindanao, in the south of the Philippines, after war was declared between the Filipino government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, fuelled by religious differences and clashes over land and natural resources. With the help of lawyer and local NGO leader Mary Ann Arnado, Samira and the other women in Mindanoa’s evacuation centre have begun to take control of their lives, setting up small businesses and playing a key role in peace negotiations. “We are all working together so that we will succeed in silencing the guns in Mindanao,” says Mary Ann. “Peace should be natural to us, so we would like this to be a legacy that we will give to our children.”

Production: Environmental Broadcast Circle (EBC)

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In Conflict and In Peace
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