House of Dreams

Latin America and the Caribbean, Why Women Count

brazil1Dagmar Garroux runs the ‘Casa do Zezinho’ educational centre for poor children in the south of Brazil’s biggest city, Sao Paulo – an area the UN once categorized as the most dangerous place on earth. Generations of children born in Sao Paolo’s slums have grown up with no expectations, while the dominant ‘machismo’ culture often leads to girls become mothers in their teens. Dagmar, known as ‘Auntie Dag’, wanted Zezinho’s to be an oasis of hope – a place that could give both girls and boys equal opportunities to create a better life. ‘When these girls arrive the first thing we do,” she says, ‘is get them to find their identity by asking them to think about questions like “Who am I?” “What could I be?” “What’s my dream?”’

Production: TV Cultura (Portuguese only)
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House of Dreams
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