Determined Women

South East Asia and the Pacific, Why Women Count

fiji3Anshu Mala and her daughters make mango chutney for a living. Vijay Latchmi’s tamarind chutney and pickle recipes have proved a hit with local shoppers and exporters alike. In the rural, cane-growing region of Fiji where Anshy and Vijay live, the new Tamarind Chutney enterprise, started with support from local NGO Friend, is revolutionizing the lives of the local community – providing an income for women who previously relied on their husbands, helping them scale up production and save money, and financing the country’s only senior citizens centre. “We may not be reaching the entire country right now,” says Friend’s co-founder Sashi Kiran, “but we see hundreds of people where this has made an impact.”

Production: Fiji TV

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Determined Women
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