Breakfast Shed Femmes du Chalet

Latin America and the Caribbean, Why Women Count

tt1Omega Rosales, Stephanie Gill and Charmaine Best are three generations of women from one family involved in Trinidad & Tobago’s formidable ‘Femmes du Chalet’ cooperative at the Breakfast Shed – formerly the Working Men’s Shed, founded in 1933 to provide cheap, freshly prepared food for Trinidad’s dockworkers. The women who ran it were mostly single heads of households who began the tradition of passing on their franchises to their daughters. When the government threatened to redevelop the area and close the Shed, there was a public outcry.” I think that people have come to hold this as a vulnerable and revered institution,” says UNDP representative Inyan Ebong–Harstrup,. “We must stand and say this is the sort of empowerment we have been talking about for decades now.”

Production: Gayelle The Channel

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Breakfast Shed Femmes du Chalet
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